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British soccer and the Gentle Craft

Les Verts

Registered User
Recently met a British brother who explained that a top soccer club - Manchester City - has a strong Masonic connection. Is this true? I checked their kit and it’s light blue.

Mike Martin

Eternal Apprentice
Premium Member
Yes AND no. It is often claimed, with absolutely no evidence btw, that the club started playing in light blue as the local Masons helped it out of a financial predicament in the late 1890s. There have been Masons involved with the club in the past but that can be said about almost any football club including the National League club that I support. Here's a read but remember your salt when reading:

Brother JC

Moderating Staff
Staff Member
Interesting, love the stories that pop up around us...

There’s a footie fan lodge that formed a few years ago, the founding Master has a son on Liverpool FC.