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5 Masonic books you can't live without

Companion Joe

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History of Freemasonry in Tennessee - Snodgrass
The Book of the Chapter - Mackey
Better Angels of Our Nature - Halleran
the lodge history I am writing
the brief lodge history I have that was published in 1914


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I have been doing a lot of reading here lately about Prince Henry Sinclair of Scotland and Roslyn Chapel.
The Lost Colony of the Templars- Verrazano's Secret Mission by, Steven Sora is a wealth of knowledge.
The Knights Templar in the New World-How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Arcadia, by William F Mann is a good read.
La Merica by Arthur Faram opened an entirely new field of Masonic study to me.
The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel by Phillip Coppens is very interesting.
The Hooked X by Scott Wolter started me out on my new quest for the continuation of the Templars.
I have a few more books on my reading list, but if you know of another book on this topic let me know so I can research it too. Thank you

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I've heard so much on this forum about Born in Blood that I am going to check my library system to see if they have a copy.


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I went to the local branch of our public library today and had them check to see if they had Born in Blood at any of the branches. They found one copy at another branch and have sent for it. Eager to read it.


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For me, if I was to only have five books.
I would say Hiram Key, but only because it was the book that started it all off. The book I had in common with the brother who told me he was a freemason and I then shared my interest. The next would be the book Born in Blood. Hmmm... I have to think of the other three.. so many to choose from. I guess I would have to say the VOSL. for sure.. and then two more.. someone give me a suggestion.

Bro. Vinny

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I just finished born in blood and it was a great read. Make sure you have a lot of time, your not going to want to put it down. He makes interesting connections you may or may not have heard before with evidence to back it up. Good luck.


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Why on earth are they500-600$ on amazon?
The only thing I can think of is that the book isn't in wide scale printing and the people who own copies aren't giving them up. For this reason, the secondary market is pretty thin and people don't realize you can buy it directly. Just a guess.