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    In 2015, the GL of the Republic of Georgia sought a recommendation from the Commission on Information for Recognition (CIR) .Russia, the founding GL, asked that the matter be payed over. At the 2017 meeting, we were informed that further action would be taken. In the interim, a letter has been sent by what appears to be yet another GL of GA. it gives no information as to its founding. In any case, no GL in that country has received a favourable recommendation from the CIR.

    The Grand Lodge of Lichtenstein sought a recognition recommendation from the CIR in 2017. It was founded by a small Mexican GL. None of the surrounding GLs were advised of the event. None of its officers appear to live in the country. There is a question as to whether two of them were in good standing. An individual with the same name as the putative grand master had also registered the name of a clandestine grand lodge.

    There is a Bulgarian Grand Lodge claiming to celebrate its 100th anniversary. This is not the GL currently recognised in Bulgaria.

    Should you be contacted by representatives of these groups, I would suggest caution.
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