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    That's right, Greeted is the word I couldn't place (which is ironic considering I worked in the conferral of one just last night). >.<
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    I am sad to say that my chapter acts the same way, it has become a "good ole boys club", attendance is so bad that most of the time we cannot even open and no one new is interested in joining., I have considered demiting because it is just a waste of time and it is impossible to change it.
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    Semper Fi Companion, I'm sorry things along your path are not going good.
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    A good website I have keep bookmarked since 1996 is
    R:.W:. Bessel's site is excellent starting point for "comparative" research.
    Regarding Rituals : Not every Jurisdiction is the same. I've had the privilege to literally 'travel' & be exposed to a lot of different states.
    There are different rituals that have appeared on the scene ( good research topic, one that takes a while. Track the top accepted writers of our Ritual from 1717 on. What versions got scratched? Who rewrote & when? Which one is your GL using?
    Some states are coded, others not. Some states do not even have an accepted ritual ( e.g. Tenn), although unofficial books are used.
    [ @CompanionJoe, don't bite. I've lived for a time on the other end of I-40 ]. In my home state, the Razorbacks have 1 ritual kept in the GL safe.
    Get your hands on as many Rituals as you can ( if you choose this topic to chase to ground). You may need to correspond w/ other GL Sec's through your Lodge Sec.
    Safeguard them.
    I can promise you a rich, rewarding, & very enlightening topic if you choose(one that has endless research potential).

    Hope you don't mind my 'nerd comments' on these threads.

    Last pitch reminder: R:.W:. Paul Bessel's site is probably the best I've seen ( it's pragmatic, backed up with research, charts, graphs, etc ).
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    I'm not sure what you are talking about when you say Tennessee doesn't have an accepted ritual. The Grand Chapter of Tennessee most certainly has an accepted ritual. In fact, the ritual committee has spent the last several months updating it.
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    Bro Joe
    What year did TN Grand Lodge officially recognize a printed ritual?
    Previous to that, TN Grand considered the 'body of the ritual to be in the body of the Craft' . (I'm speaking only to Symbolic degrees ).

    I'm not poking Brother. Granted this thread started out on Symbolic (Blue) as well as RA in YR.
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    Well, my dad was raised in 1966, and his Tennessee Craftsman (blue book/ritual) is letter for letter the same as mine that was presented to me in 1994. I personally own a Grand Chapter ritual (red book) that is a 1965 edition. So from that, at least half a century.
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    It is very true that this is a great website. However this additional information should be noted. Several years ago I contacted Bro. Bessel about some outdated information I found on his website. He replied to me saying that he no longer keeps the website updated and that he is no longer active in Masonry. We worry about the new guys dropping out, how did we lose someone as intelligent and active as Bro. Bessel?
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    As a minor note, many GLs will frown upon lodge secretaries writing at all, particularly for this purpose (to obtain a copy of ritual) Many GLs adhere to communications only between GLs.
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    My deepest apologies -- I wasn't trying to 'zing' at you.
    ( some examples ):
    I know in SC that the Lodge only has so many books (rotated among officers).
    In Ark, there's only 1. In the safe at GL, & what makes me beam with pride for my Brother Razorbacks is that proficiency has to be proved even on the 3rd. (I have an Ark monitor).
    In Canada, each brother has to sign his book, & there is a statement to his family that upon his death, please return the book to the lodge.

    I was commenting on just my observations over the last 18 years, my incessant quest to search out how the ritual has evolved over the generations (additions / deletions ). I love to find old writings & read them (in them I hear the voice of how Masonic brothers thought 'yesteryear').

    I apologize in advance if my post conveyed an incorrect or even personal snark to its tone.

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    A Post Script (off topic).
    To all who see my posts:

    I thank you for your tolerance. I only give this App about 10 minutes a day. I don't ever mean to come across rash or rude. If I do, just let me know, whisper words of wise counsel.

    Thank you. Have a good'un
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    No problems at all. I didn't think you were trying to zing me. I just wanted to set things clear for your enlightenment. Our blue books don't have the place to sign and the disclaimer for the family to return it, but our Chapter books do.
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