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Rinesh Hegde

Registered User

Fraternal Greetings from India.

I am a member of the Southern Star Chapter Rose Croix No. 21 under the role of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of India ( in Bangalore.

Was thinking of playing some music during our ceremony, provided if it is allowed. Does anyone have any idea where I could get the same?

E∴ P∴ Rinesh Hegde (18°)

Canadian Paul

Registered User
The Supreme Council of Canada is in the process of preparing musical computer programs for each of its Degrees. I understand that the program for a given degree will be able to be run on a computer. The computer screen is split with a list of the musical tracts on one side and a copy of the ritual of the degree containing cues for when each track is to be played on the other. I hope to be able to preview some examples in the near future.