Must Read Article: Finding the Middle Path: Esoteric and Non-Esoteric Freemasonry

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    I know nothing about this article but was just messing around with Google and found this. Very true and worth a read if you have 5 or 10 minutes.


    If you aren't comfortable clicking the link, you can Google it by typing in: Finding the Middle Path: Esoteric and Non-Esoteric Freemasonry

    Any thoughts on this??? Where do you fall? How do you feel about the opposite of yourself?
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    I used to think in terms of 3 groups:

    - social Masons
    - Masonry as an art - can be learned but not taught
    - Masonry as a science - can be taught to some

    Social Masons get on well with Art Masons as both agree there is nothing to be taught.

    Art Masons get on with Science Masons as both agree that right performance of ritual is critical.

    Social Masons are at odds with Science Masons but fortunately Science Masons are very rare.
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    Who thinks there is nothing to be taught? Just cause someone doesn't subscribe to the woo woo that you do doesn't mean they think there is nothing to be taught

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    I get what she's saying and agree with the overall meaning she's getting at. However I think it's very inaccurate to start talking about inner and outer orders in the US blue lodge system. Even if we start taking the high degrees into it. Those two terms have specific meanings in esoteric societies and is not an accurate description of esoterically inclined Masons versus non-esoterically inclined.

    Where this debate becomes interesting to me is not whether Masonic ritual has been influenced by other esoteric studies, or whether it has deeper symbolic meaning, but more what it intends for us to do with it. For all the good and great things there is in Masonry, guiding the esoteric initiate along the path of study is not really what The Craft does best.
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    In my short time, I have seen three groups. Those esoterically inclined, those who see a role playing fraternity, and those who rove between the two. As long as these groups refrain from disparaging each other and allow for growth and exploration regardless, there should be no issues.
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    I slightly disagree with the introductory statement of the article about divisiono_O, because in my profane opinion division is in three ways different by the constitutive essence of the freemasonry.

    There is a concept in philosophy called ethic, as to say that the outer and the inner principle should never be divided, namely the theory from its ethical application. The irregular mason Rene Guenon spoke about "exoteric" and "esoteric" systems, the first one for the general public, the second one for a real motivated minority . The Dungeon ( in Italian 'la segreta': from the same root of secret) is in the not visible part of the castle,is interior to the castle, but is part of the castle. Furthermore the word secret means also secret-ion, as the discharging of a fluid, namely the virtue from inside to outside. In my opinion, the main function of the temple outside is only maintaining the Sancta Sanctorum where the Ark abides.
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