Some Religious Questions

Discussion in 'Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality' started by Blake Bowden, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Because without contrast we don't know the difference. Without light we can't see the darkness. And without darkness we can't know the light. Without warmth you don't know the cold, and without cold you don't know warmth. Without contrast everything would be flat, and there would be no point to anything.

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    No offense brothers, but arguing for the existence of evil smells of the reification fallacy... treating an abstract idea as something concrete.

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    I agree, well both make valid arguments, both are using logic vs belief. Of which none of us are fully qualified to make except the GAOU. Hence why religion ideology is not to be discussed in lodge. As to this forum we can discuss it, and so for the better as long as we can part on.....

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