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    My lodge sees many brothers come directly from work -- which entails everything from suits to jumpsuits to casual wear. All are appropriate to me so long as they're clean and in good condition. I would find it inappropriate to come shirtless or in a sleeveless t-shirt, or wearing swim trunks. So long as a brother is dressed respectably, I'm good with it.
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    Brethern its not the External but the Internal... ! remember..?

    The only perfect Masons are the ones who stay at home and don't come and work in lodge.. ! If you show up your going to do something that doesn't agree with everybody.. !

    Great Job Brethern.. ! just keep those EA's working.. ! Seems to me like a very good lodge that brothern are confortable walking in the door.. ! :D
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    All aboard the bump wagon.
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    This occured recently in my lodge. A young, newly raised Brother came to Lodge wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. An older Brother informed him upon arrival that it's sort of an etiquette thing to always wear pants to stated meetings. This was something many of the Brothers had not heard discussed before and in fact, the young man in question seemed mildly insulted. However, I pose this. If we cannot take such a simple criticism from a Brother without it turning into a bigger problem, are we truly doing our best to work without contention. I understand that the argument can go either way, but if it will ease the mind of an older Brother if you come wearing pants, I say wear pants. If, however, it's common at your Lodge for Masons to show up looking as though they are on vacation, there won't be a problem. There's another point to this subject that we might consider: Several of the Brothers at my Lodge, myself included, work in hard labor/construction. This typically means that there is little or no time between the work day and Lodge meetings and often, we show up in the same, dirty clothes we worked in. This isn't the case at every meeting and certainly not stated meetings if it can be helped, but sometimes, it's the only way we can make it on time.
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    I believe there are 3 main tenets to answering this argument in my view:

    1) What is the tradition and/or rule of dress in your lodge
    2) If a brother offends the statute of #1, please handle it respectfully, and if possible privately, by either the WM or a PM or brother close to the offender as you deem appropriate
    3) Understand when deciding to change #1 you run the risk of alienating one faction or the other, weigh that along with all pros/cons, and come to a consensus among as great a quorum as possible of all active brethren in your lodge

    I see that most offense comes when this topic has been broached in a quiet or even passive way in some lodges, without attention to the tenet #3. Careful observation of this last tenet can save you the situation posed by Longhorn1rob above, where a contention enters the work of the craft that is not the most noble kind, and could allow you to better work in lodge as brethren with only the proper contention of who can work best together, and best perform the work.

    Offending a brother based solely on his dress neither improves to quality of the work nor the fellowship of the brethren as they work.

    In the case that a brother does become offended by the confrontation the third item I posed can be coupled with any heart felt apology to set a proper expectation among the brethren. It is fine to be flexible and improve our respect for the ledge and craft by setting an expectation for dress, and by overtly stating it thus hopefully personal offense to an individual brother can be better avoided during the explanations and accompanying dialogs as brethren of a particular lodge reach a consensus on the issue.
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