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  • Sorry for the time delay brother!! I just got on to see what this is all about so i am very new to this!!! I am a Deputy in Dallas County and Ive been a Mason for about 2 years. i am currently the JD in my Lodge which is Royse City Lodge #663 in Royse City TX... Thanks for the welcome and hope to speak again. take care.
    Welcome to the forums my Brother from Georgia whom I have sat in Lodge with.
    My Brother I remember visiting several wonderful Lodges in the Great State of Georgia. I speak well of my many visits and recommend that all should visit and see the beautiful floor work performed. Please be so kind and forgive this poor child for not remembering you specifically and would like to know what Lodge name etc etc to jog my slow memory.

    I am on Skype as Kenneth.hart My cell is 361.772.2412 daylight hours are open and coverage is questionable but I welcome the time to speak with you. I text as well. email is Feel free to use any or all of these tools to communicate. The "you have mail" signal is not all that noticeable on this site so PM is difficult for me. After we communicate a little I will recommend you to the Sanctum via email to an Admin, and you can delve deeper into the well, Alice. Sorry had to put the jocularity into the conver.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
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