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  1. Ashton Lawson

    The Council of Nicea

    Look for a copy of the Nag Hamaddi library and the Gnostic Gospels.
  2. Ashton Lawson

    Blue Lodge Dues

    Lodge dues are too cheap. I think they should be at least $50 per month. We don't take care of our lodges because dues are so low... My $0.02
  3. Ashton Lawson

    Blue Degrees vs. Red Degrees

    Are those available digitally?
  4. Ashton Lawson

    TLR in Tyler

    Where does the TLR Lodge meet?
  5. Ashton Lawson


    My wife and I have talked seriously about retiring there also. I can't think of a better place to live out my last years.
  6. Ashton Lawson

    The Shrine has now been "de-recognized" in Arkansas

    Or, perhaps, the Shrine could acknowledge that Masonic recognition comes with Masonic regulation. None of the other appendant bodies seem to have trouble understanding such a simple arrangement...
  7. Ashton Lawson

    The Shrine has now been "de-recognized" in Arkansas

    Imperial Potentate Mike Severe issued a Special Order to the Shrine Temples in Arkansas. You can read it here at Bro. Hodapp's Blog. It appears clear to me from this Special Order that Imperial Potentate Mike Severe has decided to willfully & publicly ignore an official Grand Master's...
  8. Ashton Lawson

    The Shrine has now been "de-recognized" in Arkansas

    Brother Hodapp has it on his Freemasons for Dummies Blog.
  9. Ashton Lawson

    TLR in Tyler

    Congratulations! I hope to have the opportunity to do the same some day.
  10. Ashton Lawson

    Dallas masons

    I am very sorry to hear the circumstances of your visit, and I do hope you have a safe journey. If you will be here on Tuesday evening, please feel free to come join us at Mansfield Lodge #331 for dinner and our Stated Meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 PM. Stated Meeting will be at 7:30 PM. PM for...
  11. Ashton Lawson

    Brother Pete Normand,JR on the Traditional Lodge Model

    Just got my copy today, and I look forward to reading Bro. Pete's article. He once kept me on the phone for nearly 3 straight hours discussing PHA recognition, and I've liked him ever since. I've bumped into him a few times since at various events, and he is always the center of an engaged...
  12. Ashton Lawson

    The Shrine has now been "de-recognized" in Arkansas

    Per Rob Herd, a member of Enlightenment #198 in CO, Imperial Potentate Mike Severe posted on Facebook that he as well as Iowa GL had reviewed "The Trumped Up Charges" (absolute quote) and are not going to act on them. Therefore, this guy has a valid Iowa dues card and the Shrine is letting...
  13. Ashton Lawson

    The Shrine has now been "de-recognized" in Arkansas

    This is definitely just the beginning. I talked to a Potentate in Texas about this earlier this evening, and he stated that he had spoken to the Imperial Shrine about this, and according to them the Mason/Potentate that the GL of AR expelled also has membership in the Grand Lodge of Iowa...
  14. Ashton Lawson

    The Shrine has now been "de-recognized" in Arkansas

    As I am understanding it, the problem here is that the Imperial Shrine has now informed (in writing) both the Grand Lodge of MI and the Grand Lodge of AR that they will retain Shriners who are expelled from Masonry as full members in the Shrine, in defiance of the laws of those Grand...