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    Installation Tonight - I'll be Appointed Junior Warden

    And I like this one "Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything -- all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of...
  2. Bloke

    Installation Tonight - I'll be Appointed Junior Warden

    Sorry Brother -I just saw this but a google search will always turn something up. Hope the night went well ! (or it might be happening right now. Not sure where it came from but: " Someone to blend the plaster, Someone to carry the stone, Neither the man nor the master, Ever can build alone."
  3. Bloke

    After 29 years of being Mason in-name-only, I am publicly dropping the bomb

    Do you get together much between those meetings ?
  4. Bloke

    some one asked

    Six ! ? Tell me more Brother ! (And before 1813 ?) I did google (but not very hard) and found this I find the "Wigan Rebellion" aka Wigan Grand Lodge (and I think it depends on your view) very interesting. I've done a...
  5. Bloke

    some one asked

    Putting aside any questions on the 1717 date (and shortened names).... Do you think I am grossly incorrect if I say: "The first modern Grand Lodge was founded in 1717 and today, it is called the United Grand Lodge of England" I often wonder about this.. but it is a continuous line (methinks)...
  6. Bloke

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome !
  7. Bloke

    Learning Resources for an EA

    Sounds like your timing for joining was perfect ! :) We've had a lot of Post WW1 lodges turning 100 recently, one of them put on an amazing 3 day spectacular ! I only went to the Installation and Dinner, but it was a very memorable night. No idea how many were there for dinner (with partners and...
  8. Bloke

    Greetings from England

    Greetings and welcome ! What brought you to England ?
  9. Bloke


    Greetings and welcome !
  10. Bloke

    After 29 years of being Mason in-name-only, I am publicly dropping the bomb

    One day classes are certainly controversial and excite the passions. We don't do them. We also recently removed a time lapsed requirement between degrees, being not less than 12 weeks between first and second degree, and not less than 52 weeks having needed to pass between first and third...
  11. Bloke

    I have received 6 Blackballs

    Yes. We use black and white spheres and not cubes. Indeed, I have never seen cubes in Victoria Australia -but am sure they are out there somewhere. Our Constitution actually speaks of "black balls" 225. No person can be made a Freemason if, on the ballot, three black balls appear against him...
  12. Bloke

    PHO vs PHA

    Thank you Brother - it is great to have your knowledgeable contributions here.
  13. Bloke

    My journey so far

    Just read all your posts on the site. They are off topic and really close to spam..
  14. Bloke

    Learning Resources for an EA

    Greetings Brother Anderson I would echo Bro Winter - don't go wreaking anything in your future Degrees... There are some good sources suggested above (but remember, you are often not reading "fact" but opinion and/or common interpretations), but if you are a beginner and interested in History...