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  1. Bro. Staton

    Hello to all!

    Greeting and welcome to a resourceful site.....Keep us posted of your progress.
  2. Bro. Staton

    What should we do with newly made Master Masons?

    Please make sure you share pictures of the lodge furniture that you are building. Also keep up the good work!!!
  3. Bro. Staton

    Process Delayed

    Remain active in trying to help assist in the lodge while you have some idle time. Keep your head up as the others have said and your time will come.
  4. Bro. Staton

    Hello Guys

    Welcome......What other sites do you belong to as well? If I may inquire???
  5. Bro. Staton


    Bro Walters who can sponsor a person???
  6. Bro. Staton

    Chaplain ???

    In North Carolina the Senior Deacon is on the right hand of the WM and the chaplain is on the left side of the WM. Typically the chaplain is appointed office but I would think you have the right to decline if you are not interested in the chair. However, it's a good appointed chair as well much...
  7. Bro. Staton

    Phylaxis Society

    I will be seeking membership soon from this as well.
  8. Bro. Staton

    Hello from Michigan!!!

    You will find this forum and it's members are very helpful. Seek light and you will find it here....
  9. Bro. Staton


    Enjoy your travels here within.......
  10. Bro. Staton

    Lodge Website

    Nice work fellas....
  11. Bro. Staton

    Dear Dad

    This is a beautiful story and very touching. It goes to show that no matter your age or the timing it's never to late to become a Mason a path to making a good man better....Thanks for sharing..
  12. Bro. Staton

    One more day

    Seeking more is normal so your good. Just stay focused and enjoy the journey....
  13. Bro. Staton

    Tonight is the night!

    Congrats and you will do well......Welcome
  14. Bro. Staton

    My journey begins....

    Congrats and the 10th is a superb day if I do say it's my birthday as well. So I am highly favorable to it ;)
  15. Bro. Staton

    Personal Masonic Library

    Mine is small as well but growing as I find books with substance....