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  1. Bryan

    O. K. Allen Lodge No. 33 (Louisiana's Newest T. O. Lodge) - Update

    O. K. Allen takes the oath of office (1932) on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Governor Allen a native of Winn Parish, Louisiana, was a member of Eastern Star Lodge No. 151 F&AM in Winnfield, Louisiana. He passed away in the Governor's mansion in...
  2. Bryan

    The Woman in Black

    I saw the same film yesterday. I loved it. A dark, creepy, and chilling ghost story! An instant classic.
  3. Bryan

    Louisiana Opens New Traditional Observance Lodge

    Yes Grand Lodge of Louisiana is F&AM. This photo was taken at our last stated communication of O. K. ALlen Lodge U. D. From Left to Right Most Worshipful Dr. I. C. Turnley, PGM and Grand Physician, GLoLA Most Worshipful Lloyd Hennigan, PGM, GLoLA Ray Dunn, Sr. Warden, Enlightenment Lodge No...
  4. Bryan

    Louisiana Opens New Traditional Observance Lodge

    Brethren: O. K. Allen Lodge U. D. is operating under dispensation until December 31, 2011. We anticipate receiving our charter in 2012 which will ironically be the 200th anniversary of the chartering of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. We also do not anticipate any degree work in advance of...
  5. Bryan

    Misuse of A.F&A.M vs. F&A.M

    I've always wondered why Texas is AF&AM and Louisiana is F&AM... especially considering the fact that the Grand Lodge of Louisiana Chartered the Grand Lodge of Texas. Texas.. just had to be different.. lol
  6. Bryan

    Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law

    Legal Immigration is fine.. no problem.. illegal immigration.. i have a problem with. Our borders need to be secure.. end of story. What good does it do to screen passengers getting on airlines when we allow people to walk freely and un documented across the border? Isn't that kind...
  7. Bryan

    Freemasonry Is Not A Private Society

    I'm also stating facts. Of course masonic law is subject to the law of the land. However that does not mean that private organizations can not set forth rules and force its members to adhere to them. For example.. the US supreme court has ruled that the Boy Scouts of America do not have...
  8. Bryan

    Freemasonry Is Not A Private Society

    Freemasonry is a private organization and it does have the right to set forth its own rules and force its members to abide by them.
  9. Bryan

    HDR Image of my Lodge

    I am so looking forward to visiting your lodge..
  10. Bryan

    LA puts Prince Hall recognition on the next GL agenda

    This is good respectful debate and does not debase the dignity of any ones grand jurisdiction. Very good points!
  11. Bryan

    LA puts Prince Hall recognition on the next GL agenda

    I would invite you to direct this question to MW: Bro. Roy Tuck, PGM and Grand Secretary or to MW: Bro. Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana as they are much more informed on this subject than I. To be fair I can only speak as to what I know. I wonder...
  12. Bryan

    LA puts Prince Hall recognition on the next GL agenda

    I have no problem sitting with masons of any color. I will, however, never vote to recognize PH based strictly on the principal that I do not believe PH to be regular. There are actually quite a few jurisdictions throughout Europe and other places in the world that we do not...
  13. Bryan

    My Uncle

    Thanks to all of you my brethren for your concern. I pray that God will bless each and every one of you as well. "The Lord Is My Light and Salvation of whom shall i fear. The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid" Psalm 27
  14. Bryan

    Proposed Racism Resolution

    I agree 100%. Very well said!