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Jul 29, 2019
Oct 16, 2010
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Jul 29, 2019
    1. Ol Kev
      Ol Kev
      Hi Cameron,
      Bob mentioned to me that he had spoken to you. We have been busting our butts trying to get new York Rite members. We have picked up 8 with 8 more possibles. Im JW at Lubbock Lodge now. Are you ready to come home yet? We can certainly put you to work here!
    2. David Melear
      David Melear
      I do have some baggy pants that we wear in our Scottish Rite degrees.
    3. Ol Kev
      Ol Kev
      Hey there! It's been slow. Heath and I have been having trouble coordinating schedules. He has T-Ball coming up and is going to be out of town some too, so time other than on Tues has been hard to come by. So, Henry is taking on the two new guys and I am going work with them on Mondays and then catch up with Heath on Tues. So hopefully twice a week will get this deal knocked out.

      Good to see you too. Don't be a stranger!
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    Forney, TX
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    Mackenzie Lodge No. 1327
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    • Shrine
    • York Rite
    Graduate of Texas Tech University now living in Forney, TX. I'm originally from Arizona. Teaching at North Mesquite High School.

    Raised August 5, 2010.
    Member of Mackenzie Lodge No. 1327 in Lubbock and Brooklyn Lodge No. 386 in Forney.

    Fourth generation Mason.


    "Save the grand lodge building! But don't you dare you ask us for more money!" <sarcasm>