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  • I'll look at what we have from that perspective. I doubt we have much that would count as unique. We have aprons and jewels, but they're of standard commercial manufacture, in most cases still available in catalogs. A couple of ballot boxes.
    My Brother, I am a good friend of RW Jerry Roach and have been to your lodge building as MLI Advisor for team meetings. You have one of the most impressive buildings I have ever seen. I visited about 4 times and each time my tour continued but it seemed I never took in everyting.
    T is, my good friend from New England.
    Nice to see you here. I was skeptical about joining here until I found that that the mould here,is the same as Mastermason. i,e.Blue Lodge only.
    I don't like the co- masonry stuff at all.
    Look forward to our chats.
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