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  • whazzup Jacob? I will be attending the fireworks thing at White Rock this Sunday. I was thinking that I'd toss the banjo in the trunk in case someone wanted to jam. Bring your axe!! I'm also going to invite a couple players from my band. See ya there.
    Desaguliers ... Anderson wrote them. Desaguliers was termed "the master mind of the organization." He was the son of a Calvinist Huguenot pastor thrown out of France by Louie the 13th. Ole Louie dabbled with allowing Protestantism for a few decades but was swayed by politics to recall his decree. Desaguliers' father went to England and set up shop. His son became influential in the academic world and was instrumental, along with Sir Francis Bacon, in piecing together the King James Version of the Bible under the rule of Henry the 8th.

    He then became a big influence on the formation of a Grand Lodge in England. These Enlightenment fellows were peas of a pod, so to speak. Among the other notable literary masons of the time was Voltaire, who also came to England for a while after getting his tailcoat in a wringer at French Court.

    Stay loose and God speed.
    Hey dude, been asked to kill a man, but a guy on here said there is no killing and it is a sick joke, you had any sick jokes?
    Hey man, do you know much about masonry yet?
    Yes I will be at stated on Monday. Also going to go to the regional reunion in Joplin this weekend. Its gonna be cool to see the way other valleys put on the degrees. I am hoping I may see some of the French degrees done in French.
    I will look for you on Monday
    What valley did you join? Drop me a private e-mail and tell me how you liked the experience.
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