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  • For recreation, I'm strictly wind-powered. Motorboats have never been much fun for me unless they're the size of a building and hard to handle!
    I grew up sailing/racing in Corpus, but crewed on races with a boat from Clearlake for a while too back in the early '90's. "Joss" or something like that. A J-35.
    Anyhow, I could happily go on for days about boats, ships and the sea, but I'm behind the curve on my schoolwork right now & too effectively procrastinating. I'll give you a call before the next meeting so we can meet up.
    Ships of the Sea,

    I sailed Lake Conroe, Galveston By and the Gulf of Mexico to Tampa, Vera Cruz, Freeport and Corpus before I got old and had 13 surgical procedures on my hands.

    Do you sail or powerboat? Do you windsail? I met a fellow who actually sailed the entire Texas coast line back in the late 90s. Including that damn tough entry into the Port Arthur channel. He was a serious salt of the first order.

    Brother Prejean,

    I was amiss. I did see you.

    I did note that your rose twice and announced your name. I'm big, I'm ugly and I got no hair. 6-5, 305 pounds and 60 years old. That should narrow the field of view somewhat Henceforth, you will see me with a green necklace with a big, heavy medellin hanging around my neck. Was a little late to the meeting and missed the dinner.

    We should be able to discuss putting you to work right away unless you have a mentor among the Scottish Rite membership. We can always use help in the reunions. We can discuss and point you in the right direction.

    My phone number at work is 281.233.5691. Call me a day or two before the next stated meeting. We should both know more about our schedules by then. We can meet in the dinning hall and get to know each other.

    Look forward to talking to you the third Thursday night of November brother. God protect you and yours.

    fraternally ... jim hoffpauir
    Another area to consider is the Montrose. (near Westheimer & Montrose). There are more affordable apartment options there, but keep in mind that there are quite a few bars/clubs in the area and it can be noisy. It may or may not be your cup of tea (lots of gay bars & tattoo parlors), but it is generally safe. Good restaurants & neighborhood Kroger. Lots of young married couples are buying the houses ($$$$$), so it is losing the stigma it once had.

    Once you get established, shoot me a message. We would love to have you visit our lodge. Jacques DeMolay #1390 meets near downtown & we have a very young and progressive membership.

    Winn Walton
    The Rice Lofts used to be the old Rice Hotel. It's right downtown, but I would think that it would be very expensive and noisy at times. There are some (relatively) affordable apartments on Cummins and Timmons in the Greenway Plaza area. It's about 2 miles to downtown, but there is a frequent bus that runs by them on Richmond. Our 1st apartment was at 3333 Cummins. There is a Central Market within a very short waling distance.
    Hello Br. Prejean,
    I moved from Corpus to Houston about 10 years ago and am familiar with most of the neighborhoods close to town. Are you single or are you looking for a place for a family? Will you have a car? Budget is a concern, too. There are many "up and coming" neighborhoods near downtown, but they can be pricey. Noise can be a factor, too if you need quiet to study. I would check out the Heights, first.

    Winn Walton
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