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  1. Michaelstedman81

    Any Brothers Close to the Matagorda County Area?

    Accepted a new position and moved down to Palacios, TX... Any Brothers on here that are in the area? (From Lake Jackson/Angleton down through Port Lavaca to Corpus, or any of the surrounding areas) Looking to visit some lodges down here in my free time while waiting on the family to move down...
  2. Michaelstedman81

    Rosicrucian PDFs or Articles?

    Nice. Where did you pick it up at?
  3. Michaelstedman81

    Rosicrucian PDFs or Articles?

    Does anyone have, or know where I can find some PDFs that I can download about the Rosicrucians? I have both the manifestos from 1615, or whatever year it was, and I also have the one that Manly P. Hall wrote (I forget the name of it). But looking for others. I can download them from a site...
  4. Michaelstedman81

    Vaseline High Five

    Lol I guess better than the "stink palm" Mallrats. "Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzl?" Lol my other favorite quote from that movie has to do with the same situation. "Small price to pay for the smiting".
  5. Michaelstedman81

    Ant-Masonry Flares Up in the Oddest Places

    Hahaha Wow. Thanks. Just looked it up and watched it. I wonder if someone is going to be standing in the unemployment line sometime soon. At the very least, she shouldn't be allowed back in that room because of that outburst, regardless of the content lol.
  6. Michaelstedman81

    About to go through my Chivalric Orders

    Congrats! You will really enjoy them. It for sure opens up a whole new world of things to study and read.
  7. Michaelstedman81

    Ant-Masonry Flares Up in the Oddest Places

    Lol do what?? I wish I could have seen that. Did you ever see a follow up to it, or even an article online about it?
  8. Michaelstedman81

    In the army

    He has it right there. For one thing, if you haven't petitioned a lodge yet, you may want to think about doing it after you have left and competed all your training. Especially if you are going Active Duty. And I say that because you don't really want to join the lodge in your hometown and...
  9. Michaelstedman81

    USC AASR PHA SJ Recognition Reciprocated

    I was kind of worrying about some kind of backlash that was sort of like what happened with the Shriners and Arkansas GL (I believe it was Arkansas). The way I understood it was that the Shrine made their own decision on a matter which conflicted with the GL, and despite warnings from the GL...
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  11. Michaelstedman81

    Length of first 3 degrees

    A lodge can get a dispensation for active duty military service members (including those that are Guard and Reserve called up to Active status) to get whatever degrees are needed to become a Master Mason before deploying. From what I remember, the lodge Sec sends up the request, and the GM...
  12. Michaelstedman81

    Chili's supports Shriners Hospitals

    MMM... Got me hungry for some cajun chicken pasta... Too bad we got Cub Scouts tonight lol
  13. Michaelstedman81


    Quite a while back, I believe the GL either changed the law on that to be like you just said, or the GL put out some sort of big reminder. I also remember it being brought up when I was going through that class that I needed to go to the South. I had brought it up after that, especially when I...
  14. Michaelstedman81

    Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?

    Lol why, thank ya, Sir. Hahah love the new pic that you are using. Reminds me that I need to update mine on here.
  15. Michaelstedman81

    Proficiency nerve calming

    One idea that I have had, which I have tried to press upon a few Brothers going through the degrees is the whole thing of TAKE YOUR TIME while studying with your instructor. That there is absolutely no rush. There are three reasons I like to see them slow down and intentionally take their time...