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  1. mrpesas

    why all the confusion ?

    As a new mason, I have been a little disheartened by all the "paying of bills." But I keep telling myself, this is a journey, not a sprint. I will find my place within the lodge and make myself available when I can. I also seek out knowledgeable people to learn from.
  2. mrpesas

    why all the confusion ?

    What is a "TO Style Lodge"?
  3. mrpesas

    What Masonic traditions can we bring back?

    With "Equal Employement" standards being the norm, I think it is hard for many to help a Brother out with a job. I think we all point people in the right directions, but I don't know that many people are the actual hiring manager. I do believe we need to build a more family atmosphere and help...
  4. mrpesas

    Need Gift Ideas

    Custom Apron?
  5. mrpesas

    Tablets Question

    I suspect we will see a HUGE price drop in tablets for the Holiday season. I am holding out for the Asus Transformer. The Kindle Fire is #2 on my list, especially after they "root" it and get full android on it. The only thing about the Kindle is that it is a 7" screen.
  6. mrpesas


    Twitter is also easier to use on a computer or tablet/iPad, than a phone. I like using and to browse through posts and search twitter.
  7. mrpesas


    Twitter is pretty good, but I have not found too much in the way of Masonry. To follow/mention specific people you put the @ in front of their name (my twitter account is @mrwaitsclass - I'm a school teacher). To search a topic you look for a hash tag, the # sign. But that same hash tag has...
  8. mrpesas

    Lodge Dues?

    This is a hard decision and definitely seems to fall along generational lines. It's all understandable too. In my mind, a can of "soda" should cost $0.50, but nowadays it's hard to find for under $1.00. I think the same mentality exists with Dues. If you came up with $50 Dues, it's very...
  9. mrpesas

    Lodge Dues?

    We are voting on increasing dues to $150 tonight (up from $90). Endowment is $500. Our problem is also that about half of our members are Endowed and not paying yearly dues (this is my understanding at least).
  10. mrpesas

    Lodge Dues?

    What are your current annual Lodge Dues? Also, how much is your Endowment?
  11. mrpesas

    One black ball? Is this the answer?

    Another possible change to consider: Could we do a candidate interview at called meeting? Make it a group interview like many work places are going to. Any member of lodge could attend. Open lodge, call it to refreshment, bring in the candidate and ask him some questions, then discuss it once...
  12. mrpesas

    MM Proficiency = Done!

    I turned in my MM Proficiency last Tues. (9/6) and all I have left is the A.L.L. program. I "crammed" for three days, Sat, Sun, and Mon, to be able to get it done. It feels good to be done, and I can't believe how much I have learned in just these few short months since being regularly...
  13. mrpesas

    Firefox 6

    Installed it. Still have huge memory leaks/usage. Currently at 309MB of RAM :-(
  14. mrpesas


    Why dish detergent? I've never had to fight a grass fire, but I'd to know the best method should the need ever arise.
  15. mrpesas

    Learning Engraving

    That is some AWESOME work! Do you have a picture of the equipment you use? And where did you take the class?