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    1. robert leachman
      robert leachman
      I meant to say "not to sure"
    2. robert leachman
      robert leachman
      Wasn't sure about the property...because of moving out of the neighborhood, work and kids I've not been to Fairbanks but a few times in the past several years.
      I was at Cypress for Chris Moore's EA.
    3. jwhoff
      Thanks Robert for sending the Maryland brother our way.

      I just posted to be your first friend on the website. Hope you agree.

      Are you one of the brothers who lie in the neighborhoods around Cypress? I remember a few of them from the meetings when we were considering sharing the lodge with Fairbanks.

      Several of the brothers were asking whether you folks had sold your property yet. Don't think we came up with a answer to that. Come by and see us when you get a chance.
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