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  • I am a german citizen. I live near Bonn, the former capital of Western Germany. I belong to two of the 5 recognized german grand lodges. My mother lodge is of the Grand Land Lodge of Freemasons in Germany, which works the Swedish Rite. My second lodge belongs to the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany. I joined there, because the english ritual and the style of freemasonry is very different to what we do in Germany, not so esoteric.
    Brother tom268, how are you?

    I'm a little curious. Are you stationed in Germany or are you a German citizen? This question has crossed my mind as I read over your comments. Where are you located in Germany? My family, on both sides are from German heritage. Some from Prussia and some from Bavaria. We have been here in the states since the Napoleonic wars of the late 18th century. Enjoy your many perspectives and wish you well.
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