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Recent content by turtle

  1. turtle


    Congrats brother. Sounds awesome
  2. turtle

    In a dark place right now.

    Prayers to you brother, I hope everything works out
  3. turtle

    My New Ring

    that is totaly awesome brother
  4. turtle

    Hard news

    prayers for him and his family
  5. turtle

    What office for 2001-12?

    I'm hoping for tiler
  6. turtle

    List of lodges

    Sorry if this wrong forum, was closest I thought. I am looking for the list of constituent lodges in texas and the list of lodges masonic. Where else can i find them besides the lodge?
  7. turtle

    I love this apron

    that is awesome
  8. turtle

    Dog in Law Book?

    lol..thats funny
  9. turtle

    Just married and craving

    So very true mike..:)
  10. turtle

    Masonic Wedding

    Have to vote no
  11. turtle

    M&M's...Plain or Peanut.

    Peanuts rock!
  12. turtle

    It is Done...

    Congrats Brother! I just returned my master's work last week. feels awesome!
  13. turtle

    Masonic License Plates

    any word if these got approved?
  14. turtle

    Masonic License Plates

    keep voting brothers!