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  1. David Carroll jr

    Greeting from Louisiana

    My name is David and I was raised Jan. 2002. ( Actually I was raised a MM in 2004. I mixed up the date with the year I had the first Heart attack and was saved by Emergency Room Doctors from taking a long dirt nap) I am a PM, PHP, PIM. Knights Templar, Knight Preceptor, OES. Current offices...
  2. CLewey44

    OES Meaning

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get some younger members to join OES? Also, for an organization that allows all religions, OES doesn't really cater to other religions too well. Masonry seems much more flexible with that. Especially T.O. lodges. I get the Biblical stories and they are...
  3. memphisrite

    Bringing The OES to the Dominican Republic

    Greetings, My lodge has a goal to bring a youth organization and OES to the Dominican Republic, as Co-masonry is basically unknown in DR and could be really good and helpfull to our grand lodge in general. We as a group are wondering the requirements needed in order to bring the OES to DR. Who...