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  1. Matt Ross

    What Are the Top Questions YOU Get as A Master Mason?

    Good afternoon Brethren! My name is Matt Ross and I am a Master Mason of the Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan in the United States. I am in the process of starting a YouTube channel to put to rest some of the myths and questions about the fraternity and to discuss Freemasonry in an engaging...
  2. D

    Joined site to ask a question.

    I just had a question. I heard some lodges leave "having a felony" up to its members. Of course I have one from my younger years. Getting the felony was absolutely my own fault and I take full responsibility for it being my fault. I continue to take responsibility for it in certain ways. But my...
  3. Shadow Puppet

    Is hazing allowed in DeMolay initiation rites?

    By dictionary definition, is hazing allowed to be done during initiation? I was a DeMolay petitioner and although I will break my vow of silence after 2-3 years, I want to raise this question for my brother's sake because he wants to join the same lodge. I'm worried because physical harm was the...