2009 Resolutions: #9

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    This resolution states, and I quote: "Amend Article 397 to permit no other Books of Faith to be placed upon the Alter but the Holy Bible." Now, the way this is written, if a man of a faith other than Christianity wishes to have the book of his faith upon the Alter during a degree so that they are taking a binding obligation, he will not be allowed to.

    The result of this is that absolutely no obligation taken by a man that is not a Christian, be he Buddhist, Wiccan, Taoist or whatever, will be binding. In my Lodge, we have men of several faiths.

    Freemasonry transcends all religious boundaries and is not in and of itself a religion. How can we therefore, justify the purpose of this resolution? I can't even believe it will actually be put to a vote.

    Any thoughts?
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