2011 Proposed Grand Lodge Resolutions

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  1. rhitland

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    What a great Grand lodge session that was. Cannot wait till next year
  2. davidterrell80

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    I would continue the expulsion of Felons. However, I would also allow an Expelled individual to Petition for Reinstatement, after due time, and allow the Lodge to decide under fairly strict conditions.
  3. Bro Mike

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    Can someone post the results of the votes on the resolutions.
  4. Bill Lins

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    With apologies to Bud Light, Here We Go!

    #1- business to be done only in a MM Lodge- not adopted
    #2- terminating the GL insurance reserve fund- adopted
    #3- broadening the class of beneficiaries of the GL assistance fund- adopted
    #4- to delay the imposition of the full per capita increase- not adopted
    #5- to exempt Lodges from per capita of active military members- amended and adopted
    #6- to increase the amount of the distribution from the endowed membership fund- amended and adopted
    #7- for GL to provide quarterly financial reports to the Brethren- amended and adopted
    #8- re: background investigation of petitioners- withdrawn
    #9- re: background investigation of petitioners- discussion postponed until the next Grand Annual Communication (2012)
    #10- re: background investigation of petitioners- discussion postponed until the next Grand Annual Communication (2012)
    #11- prohibiting convicted felons from petitioning for the degrees and mandating expulsion of Masons found to have omitted or concealed information of felony convictions when petitioning- adopted

    #12- providing for the suspension or expulsion of Masons upon conviction of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude- not adopted
    #13- prohibiting the discussion of partisan politics and sectarian religion in the GL or blue Lodges- adopted
    (ADDENDUM- As this resolution would change a provision of our Constitution, it will require an affirmative vote at next year's Grand Annual Communication before taking effect.)

    #14- to delete Art. 505.37 prohibiting discrimination on racial or religious grounds- this resolution was ruled to not be in proper form by the Jurisprudence Committee, who also advised that it could not be put into proper form. As such, it was not allowed to be considered.

    #15- to allow officers to be installed without first opening a Master Masons' Lodge- not adopted
    #16- to require that cell phones be turned off while in a tiled Lodge- not adopted
    #17- to allow San Juan #1173 to change its name to Llano Grande #1173- adopted
    #18- to move certain Lodges into other Districts and eliminate certain Districts- withdrawn
    #19- to require Lodges to follow IRS rules regarding the filing of 990 reports- adopted
    #20- to change the procedure for the removal from office of certain Lodge officers- withdrawn

    GM's recommendation #1- to require only 1 blackball for denial of the Degrees- not adopted
    GM's recommendation #2- to require the SW & JW of a Lodge to certify as qualified under the provisions of Art. 276 (a) prior to installation- adopted

    GJW- Michael Wiggins

    Also, the Grand West affirmed the suspension of the Charter of Magnolia Lodge #113 for cause.

    I apologize for the tardiness of this report, but I was abducted by certain Brethren Friday evening and coerced to consume vast quantities of adult beverages almost against my will. :wink: (Since I was forced to endure said abuse, could I please have my :beer: emoticon back?)
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  5. Ashton Lawson

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    As a witness of said coercion Bill, I can attest to the validity of your claim of forced consumption. I nearly fell victim myself, but my timely order of a double water tall (no rocks), I think saved me.

    Thank you for the report.
  6. Bro Mike

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    Thank you Bill. I was up there Friday, but I had to leave before the Grand West considered many of the resolutions.
  7. LRG

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    Thank you Brother Bill.
    I hope that was scanned, if not B/Blake owes you big time ( that was a lot of freakin typing)
  8. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    No such luck. :-(

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