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    I have been living in Phoenix now for 2 months after moving from California I am under the GL of California still and i have been debating about searching for a lodge to fellowship with here due to the fact that I have heard quite a few things about Arizona mainly that there is still a sense of racism going on and I must say that I believe it to a degree because I've been to places in Scottsdale, Tempe and Avondale and I can pick up that type of vibe because of how people stare at me. I'm just really concerned and worried that if I approached a Lodge here I wouldn't be embraced based on my skin color. Any type of advice would be helpful also if there are any brothers on this forum who lives in near by Phoenix cities maybe you could help shed light on this issue for me. Thank you

    Jaron Coby 32nd• SR.MM Oxnard Lodge #341
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    Brother Jaron, I think most of us remember that it is the Internal and not the external and if you think back to the first day you walked into Oxnard 341 and how they opened there doors to you and voted you into a fraternity where there are no strangers only brothers. I recommend visiting all the lodges in your area and find the one you feel best fits you.
    Good luck brother

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