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A thread of whom, in Masonic terms, I am -, So Mote 'I' Be -as it were


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I am GDF. A member of UGLE Lodge in the province of Cheshire. I was initiated in January 1986 - Passed and Raised within the same year. I am a Provincial Officer. I was invested into the Chair of KS in 1993. I became a member of two RA Chapters and two Rose Croix Chapters. I moved my location from the Wirral (Cheshire Province) over to West Yorkshire, due to my employment needs. I have visited local Lodges over here but I have not transferred my membership to any other Lodge. My membership of the 4 Chapters ceased upon my moving home due to me duly resigning and I have not refreshed my interest in visiting any Chapters of this lineage,since moving. I am a Past MWS and a Past Z.

Glen Cook

G A Cook
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I’m a member of Lodge of Concord 363 and Samaritan Ch 368 in Cheshire.
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