All in a days labor

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    By: Kevin Noel Olson

    The sun rises in the east while
    Workers receive instruction.
    The whispered wealth of knowledge,
    Guides in their construction.

    The Master's gavel resounds,
    Pressing stone in place.
    Leveled, squared, and plumbed,
    By the board on which we trace.

    Errors are few when we plan,
    The trowel spreads care true.
    Cementing together ashlars,
    Which virtue helped to smooth.

    The faithful sun joins the globes,
    Glimmering high above.
    Refreshment called for one and all,
    Bound by fraternal love.

    Streaking along the wall,
    The sunlight wanes away.
    The workers look proudly on,
    The closing of the day.

    Shiny metal for wages,
    Pale to glowing hearts.
    How calm we go when we know,
    In vain we did not depart.

    We know the labors will go on,
    By others we have passed.
    Bound freely to our brethren,
    Until we breathe our last.

    We retire from the Temple,
    Our labors here are done.
    Our tools ring as they sing,
    Waft our friend,
    True brother,

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