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Anyone play Eve Online?


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I was wondering if anyone plays Eve? I just started my account back up and I'm kind lonely


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Hey Damon. I tried EVE once several years ago but didn't get into it. I hear a lots changed and I've read some crazy strories about some of the things that have happened in the game. I may try it again, one day.


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Due to how amazing the game looks, I've given it the free trial, I believe, 3 times now. Each time though, I find myself creeping up on nearly 2 hours of playing and realize I still haven't made it out of the Tutorial yet. WoW was my hobby (sometimes more serious than other times) for 7 years or so. So by the time I'm 2 hrs into Eve and still learning the basic ropes, I end up talking myself out of it, realizing I really don't have the time nor desire to be this involved in a game again. :)

Now I will second what pointwithinacircle2 said there, Guild Wars 2 is pretty great. I do have and play that sometimes. For me, it's been the closest thing to filling the gaming void that WoW left when I stopped playing, and at the same time, thanks to no subscription fee, it's easy to walk away from at any time. There's no feeling of needing to get your money's worth this month. It's definitely a different style of game than Eve.

So in the end, I've wanted to play and love Eve, a few times, but just can't bring myself to do it. Without a doubt though, it's an incredible looking game.

Lars 241

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New to forum, throwing my name out, I play EvE Online.
Look me up in game if you desire, "Lars Wolfgang".