Anyone set up their own Chamber of Reflection?

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    My wife and I bought a new home recently and in the basement is a small storage closet. With a 1 year old in the house, privacy and solitude for any kind of meditation is hard to come by. Since it was a small, dark space anyway, I considered setting up my own CoR.
    While I see value in reflecting on the points emphasized in the CoR, I wasn't sure if it would be useful on an ongoing basis and was curious to see if any of the Brethren here had done something similar.
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    The Earth energies can vary quite a lot even in a small block of land and the geometry of the building also affects the energies. So the first step, preferably when you have the house to yourself, is to stand very quietly in each space and feel its effect upon you.

    I recall a large old hotel in the Scottish Highlands that we cleaned pretty well, but a year later I found, in a basement apartment, a small storage room that had not been cleaned, and the room was the refuge of some of the ancient spirits of the building that no longer felt at home in the cleaned areas. I found the spirits rather uncomfortable, as did the couple living in the apartment. The couple broke up while living there.

    The meditation space needs to be carefully chosen. I use a spare bedroom, with most of the furniture removed and the rest carefully placed - partly for the geometric effect on the etheric flows but also so that I can sit at the place of maximum Earth energy.

    Long ago I suffered from sleep apnea and would fall asleep in meetings at work. So I would make a point of being first into the meeting room and would move around until I found the strongest energy. I would sit there and would be energized and not fall asleep. I learned that from Carlos Castaneda's writings.
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    I hope to someday be so attuned to my environment that where I pray and meditate is an issue. :) For now I use my bedroom since it is the most convenient and I am already there twice a day anyway. When my wife goes to bed early I use the spare bedroom.
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