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    How many of us can remember the night of our degrees, how many can recall
    the excitement we felt, and the relief we felt when if was over. The words
    of the Master as he told us that the brethren had taken the time to confer
    our degree and we could have the same amount of time to speak, how we were
    at a lost for words and could only thank the brethren for being in lodge to
    experience our becoming a Mason.

    Can you remember all the handshakes and congratulations we received from the
    many brethren in attendance. How they told us that we would get more out of
    Masonry than we could put into it.

    But I wonder where all those brethren are now days when we confer the
    degrees? We wonder why our fraternity is shrinking. Where are all the men
    wanting to become our next generation?

    Perhaps they are waiting for us to show some interest in attending their

    I ask when was the last time you attended an EA, FC or Masters degree where
    there were enough brethren to fill all the parts and have the lodge filled?

    We preach that we should give the candidate the best degree possible yet
    many of the degree team barely knows his part. Then we ask why did our
    newest EA not complete his work?​
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    I was raised on a saturday morning and there were more A certificate holders than at many forum & you know I got a good degree. I made a vow then that I would hold an A before I was in the east and did just that. My teacher...Dad...had an A before I was born and I just turned 60. I totally agree and sympathize with your post Bro. Price

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