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Born with esoteric knowledge

May Son

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A short paragraph explaining my presence:
I was born with esoteric knowledge and blessed to have recently and unintentionally taught more by 2 seperate life experiences.

The reason I am reaching out to you is because I have sworn a vow to spread the message of love.

Alas no,
I am not here to preach in any fashion but to act as a medium between for and friend.
This is a networking plan of utmost importance for regardless of who may be pitted against who; truth is we all have to share gaia.
My outreach is in the thousands ready to rally for a better world.
Perhaps some of you may know who I am.
An international chapter of safety would be in everyones best interest i digress.

Inner circle wisdom I have without the ask just by inquiring; that is all I will say on that.

Who is out there to join the cause of a better tomorrow?

- AD-S

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May Son didn't stick around long. Mine is on the 16th so I guess I got born into it. I got great grandfathered in. When the mess is over I can turn in my papers so you know me better.:)