Brewster Masons throw party for third-graders

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    BREWSTER - Doing things for and with children is part of the mission of the Brothers of the Craft/Hermanos del Arte chapter of the Masons.

    Every winter, right before Christmas vacation, the group throws a just-for-fun party for third-graders.
    The Masons brought pop and 15 pizzas, which disappeared in a hurry, and Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by with presents for every child. Santa and the missus got some help this year from Rick and Anita Reid, Chelan.

    Santa is part of the reason the group chose the third grade, Mason Bill Wood said.

    Third-graders are right at the age where they're not quite sure if Santa is real, and it's always fun to watch the reaction when Santa arrives, Wood said.

    After the children opened their presents they thanked the Masons for the party in a loud chorus, but Wood said maybe they'd forgotten something.

    "What about your teachers?" he asked.
    "Uh-oh," was the response.
    The Masons had presents for the teachers and elementary principal Eric Driessen.

    Wood and his wife, Sue, and fellow Masons Lon and Donna Allard, Clarence and Peggy Weitman and "Stretch" Bledsoe served the pizzas and manned the cleanup crew.

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    While I was in Waco, TX we had a guest speaker one night at our lodge. I forget his name but he was the local weatherman that wore his S&C on his lapel pin during his TV broadcast. He said he was at an elementary school talking to a classroom about weather and afterward one of the kids came up to him and asked him if he was a Mason. The little boy said his dad was a Mason but he didn't remember him because he died when he was a baby. He said he recognized the pin because the men who come by to help mom around the house or mow the lawn wear then too.
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