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Bro. Thomas Johnstone Lipton

Blake Bowden

Staff Member

May 10, 1850 - Oct. 2, 1931

"Work hard, deal honestly, be enterprising, exercise careful judgement, advertise freely but judiciously."

Born of Irish parents in Glasgow, Sir Thomas Lipton, through a unique style of shopkeeping and imaginative advertising as well as the introduction of the teabag, developed a small grocery store into an international business, making him a millionaire at the age of thirty.

First challenging the America’s Cup yachting trophy in 1899, he made five unsuccessful attempts, endearing himself to the American public, which gave him a gold cup after his last defeat in 1930.

Queen Victoria knighted Lipton in 1898 for his commercial success and philanthropy. He was created a baronet in 1902. During the Spanish-American war, and later during WWI, Lipton gave money and services to aid the wounded.

Sir Lipton left much of his fortune to the city of Glasgow, to aid the poor, and to build hospitals. He was the oldest member on the rolls of Lodge Scotia No. 178 when he died in 1931.

Raised: August, 1870
Lodge Scotia No. 178
Glasgow, Scotland
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