Brothers what is wrong with this picture.

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    A fellow Master Mason, and I attend a university here in San Antonio, Tx. As we were in the library we came across this Rush Week Flyer

    for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. If you look at the lower left corner of the flyer you can clearly see a "Square, and Compass." Which are actually covered with some wings and the letters "KS" It is very clear that they are trying to affiliate with us in some form or use our symbol to attract new "Bids". In our personal opinion we took offense to it, and need to follow the right path on how to deal with this. Should we ask them to remove it? Should we continue to let them manipulate "OUR SQUARE AND COMPASSES". Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. We are on the side of having them remove it following the proper channels.

    Bro. Mike, and Joe
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    It is common. I'm on the University of Houston's main campus (40,000+ students enrolled this year, big place) twice a week, and one of the main local frat's motto is "Making good men better" and last week they that done up in a giant banner on campus.

    Fraternities, in and out of universities, have been imitating us for centuries. Some were founded by masons who borrowed liberally from the ritual and symbolism. Some were founded by wannabes. Some local chapters are run by wannabes with bad photoshop skills and their parent's kinkos account and market to the goofy freshmen accordingly.

    I mostly shake my receding hairline in amusement at em and mildly envy them their sorority chicks and keg parties. Not much to 'em beyond that.
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    The bottom right corner looks like am homage to Eastern Star and/or Shriners.
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    I think it's bad only if we are being misrepresented, like brother Michael said many fraternities in universities were founded by masons, perhaps sit down and talk with them and find out what their motives are
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    I think that instead of going on the defense, or offense in this matter, I would research the fraternity at hand, talk to some of its members, ask them what they know about the symbols and how they came to symbolize their fraternity. They might just be trying to emulate a wonderful fraternity like our own, or perhaps were founded by fellow Master Masons. I think getting the facts first before attempting to make them get rid of its usage would be appropriate. I think going on the war path straight away will make Masonry look foolish, and pompous...especially if you find yourself to be wrong about the intentions. I am not saying they are right or wrong in their usage of the symbolism, I am merely saying that I do not know and if it were me, I would gather fact first.
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    I agree with Seeker. Maybe they're just trying to emulate the largest fraternity in the world.
  7. Brother

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    I was a member of Kappa Alpba Order in college. We were founded by Masons and
    It was our goal to join a lodge when we graduated. We had many Masons as advisors.
    I agree with the previous brothers. Meet and talk with them, they may ask for your advice.
    Some very good Masons came out of my fraternity. I myself am a Royal Arch Mason
    And will be joining the commandry next weekend.

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