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    Our Grand Lodge convened for their annual communication over the weekend of Sept.21 - 23. The biggest thing to come from it was that we now conduct our stated meetings on the Entered Apprentice degree. My two lodges that I belong to held their stated this past Tuesday and Wednesday. I would like to say that the officers and members did a very good job of remembering which degree we were on and gave the correct signs! I saw a total of 2 brothers give the MM sign instead of the EA.

    The specifics for the EA's and FC's are that they can attend stated meetings. They can talk. However, they cannot make motions, second motions or vote on any matter coming before the lodge. They have to wait until they are Master Masons before doing any of this. Of course, Grand Lodge now requires that the EA's and FC's pay dues and per capita. They will be billed at a pro-rata rate for the last quarter of their respective lodge dues. Then, they will get a dues notice and per capita bill for 2013. Our Grand Lodge years are calendar years and ends on December 31. California Masonic Code requires all members to pay their dues by December 31st prior to the upcoming year. So these EA's and FC's will have to pay the 4th quarter 2012 dues and pay full 2013 dues by the end of the year.
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    I was sad to have missed my stated meeting on Thursday to see how many EA's and FC's made the scene. I remember itching to finish up both degrees quickly so I could see what all the fuss was about. It seems to be a good system to me, hope they enjoy it. Still going over the papers our secretary brought back from Grand Lodge, I am masochistic enough to enjoy reading Masonic Minutiae.
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    Rockport opens in the EA whenever they can if an EA (like me) is there. I'm there whenever my work schedule permits. I sit, listen, and learn.

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