Christ or the Lodge? A Report on Freemasonry

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    Point being?
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    I flat-out asked my priest about Freemasonry, and he approved. Of course, a religious bigot would be upset by that approval. A bigot would, over and over again say things that can only be interpreted to mean that one CANNOT be a Mason and be religious. After all, if "Masonry encourages sovereignty of thought and intellect." and "Religion tells you what to think..." then a Mason MUST REJECT HIS OWN RELIGION TO REMAIN A MASON. The logic is that simple.

    It is so sad that those who style themselves as interpreters of what Masonry is and is not are such extreme and severe bigots.
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    I found the link to be working so took a look. After reviewing its intent to apply a groups principles on the rights and privileges of another group, I decided not to bother with their investigation. I did scroll to the conclusion to find...

    An Orthodox Presbyterian committee to report on 'Secret Societies'.

    Regardless of their principles or intent, well meaning or not my first consideration is that this is an organization that is established by humans for humans. While religious institutions provide excellent rules and guides for an ordered civil structure and successful societal interaction, all societal institutions must make room for the principles and practices of other institutions, as a human endeavor.

    While Freemasonry assists us to work towards becoming better men, as one of those men I strive to grow according to my spiritual lessons and understandings. And while I do not endorse any religious institution as preferred to another, I don't find any given religious institution to have moral superiority to another.

    Whether a religion, fraternity, or club, Freemasonry gives us tools to grow our spiritual minds towards the goals that suit our needs at that time.

    I suspect I could ramble on but I know it's time to stop.

    Your mileage may vary.
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    Christ or the lodge? I was a believer in the Bible before I "became" a mason, I was a mason before I got baptized , and waited 10 years before I started attending church on a regular basis ! In closing there is a great gulf between what men teach and what the BOOKs say! What I mean is that once we/mankind get involved it is just a mess waiting to happen! Jesus or masonry I take a double portion of both please!!! WWEA

    Bro Book
    M.W.U.G.L. Of Fl: P.H.A.
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    At pensacola
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    The referenced page contains this quote

    "In seeking to evaluate the religion of Masonry our standard must be Christianity, the one true religion. That Masonry cannot be simply non-Christian is self-evident. Neutrality with reference to Christianity is an obvious impossibility. Either Masonry as a religion is in agreement with Christianity, or it must be at odds with Christianity. Either it is Christian, or it must be anti-Christian."

    This is the statement of a Zealot.
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    well that quote solves it all and answers its self masonry is not a religion thus there is no conflict.... this is like stating that if the Navy as a religion must be in agreement with Christianity... we are as much a religion as the navy is or any other non religious grouping of people united with a purpose
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