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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by David Hill, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Star Mztyk

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    Congratulations Bro. Hill...

    I had one student get his FC degree the 19th and that same night was also an EA degree that two of my EA students worked the degree. A thinker like you should like the FC as much as I do....take heed to the two artificial spherical bodies representing the terrestrial and celestrial realms. Obviously, our ancient Brethren knew the earth was not flat...which proclaiming differently during the Inquisition would have got you tortured. Also, read the long form explaination in the Monitor....which by practicing the astronomy/astrology advocated there would have got you gutted and quartered as well. In some quarters, that is still happening today.
  2. David Hill

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    Last night I was raised to the sublime degree of master mason. It's been quite a journey and that was an amazing experience! I was pleased at the quality and intensity of the ritual, and I will quite happily be working my way through the educational material provided to me. My next step is to begin visiting other lodges. I'm looking forward to meeting additional brothers!
  3. Benjamin Baxter

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    Congrats Brother Hill, this is quite an accomplishment.
  4. Michaelstedman81

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    Congrats!!! We are right down the road if you want to come visit. Also, since your a new MM that is close by, you should come check out our Cave Degree that we have going on next month. We get several Brothers from Austin area that come in for it. Would love to have ya.
  5. David Hill

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    Br. Stedman, I'd love to visit. I heard about the cave degree. It sounds really cool! Unfortunately, I'll be out of town that weekend, but I'll be putting it on my schedule for next year! I'm working diligently on my esoteric work so that I can come visit. I'm looking forward to meeting the extended Masonic family in the Central Texas region.

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