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Degree organization


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Question for veterans of the York Rite. How are the degree conferrals organized? Are they all done in festival format (basically one after the other)? Or do some jurisdictions treat them similar to blue lodge in that it takes time to get through and the degrees are a real “performance”?

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My Chapter / Council / Knights Templar used to do one day festivals putting on ALL of the degrees. While it was a worthwhile thing it took about 12 hours and at the end everyone, including the candidates, were exhausted. The Order of the Temple is one of the most beautiful rituals in all of Masonry but the candidates were too tired to appreciate it. We have not had one in a long time and have decided that we will not do a one day festival again...that if we do a festival at all it will be over two days, Chapter and Council the first day, Knightly Orders on the second day. Myself, I prefer the the degrees / orders one or two at a time. The one day festivals were fun but grueling!