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Mar 14, 2014
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Louisville , Ky
Retired Correctional Officer


Male, from Louisville , Ky

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Have recently joinedd the Masonic Lodge and am currently an EA. May 10, 2014

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    1. Casheous
      Hello my Warrior ...
      I would like to apply for a membership of freemason in Ghana.
      Can you Guide me to the right direction and thank you in advance .
    2. Hassan S. Darabseh
      Hassan S. Darabseh
      Hello my friend...
      I would like to apply for a membership of freemason in Jordan Amman but it seems that it's difficult.
      Can you Guide me to the right direction and thank you in advance .
    3. Chace
      I have been doing a lot of research and am really. Interested in becoming a member but I seen that you can't have any felony's I am from lake charles Louisiana and have a simple burglary charge and still on probation. I would deeply appreciate any advice from a member are staff thank you .?
    4. Nwonye Ejike Joseph
      Nwonye Ejike Joseph
      I want to be a member
    5. Koji Braimah
      Koji Braimah
      Hello ....... Am koji braimah ... I want to be part of the freemasonry. Please help me and where can i locate any of the temple in Ghana
    6. Cannan
      I want to be a true mason
    7. Kilbride
      Hello warrior I need your help please.
      I'm in Nigeria and I have locate a grand lodge but I couldn't be granted a petition since I don't know grand master or anybody in the brotherhood. I have been searching for light for the past 5 years. I'm looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest possible chance.

      Thanks and warm regards.
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      2. edet_victor
        Am facing same issue here too
        Dec 29, 2018
    8. Nwaigwe Emmanuel862.
      Nwaigwe Emmanuel862.
      Write something...I want to join freemasonry
    9. majorlisa
      Hello my dear
      How are you doing? Am majorlisa by name .please i will like to discuss something important with you please contact me here (majorlisajaster1@hotmail.com)
    10. Abidoye Aina
      Abidoye Aina
      My greetings warrior
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    11. Abidoye Aina
      Abidoye Aina
      Am a new member of this organization society and am very happy to be in this brotherhood member plz i want you to guide me on what to do to become a full member of this society please
    12. Mohammad yaseen al odat
      Mohammad yaseen al odat
      My phone number is 09620786742904
    13. Mohammad yaseen al odat
      Mohammad yaseen al odat
      Hi the big and best warrior i hope to become the one who service mason by become a member of this gruop im from amman jordan can i found some one from masonic group i wish to be the one
    14. nonso
      hello Warrior please its a grate honor to meet you here, please i wanna become a member hope you gonna help me out please i need this help from you, assist a brother in need of becoming one the the mansonic please
    15. Randy81
      I will be in Fort Knox, Kentucky this June as I'm going to a course taught by the University of Louisville. I think I should be a master mason by then and definitely want to visit some lodges there. I know Radcliff and Elizabeth Town are there, but was curious where your lodge is as I could drive to Louisville if you guys aren't dark for the summer. I'll be there for two months.
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      2. Warrior1256
        St. Matthews meets 1st and 3rd Mondays unless a national holiday falls on meeting day. Dinner at 6pm meeting at 7pm. Suburban meets every Thursday. Dinner at 6:30 pm meeting at 7:30 pm.
        Jan 5, 2016
      3. Randy81
        When it gets closer to the summer I will hit you up! Thanks brother!
        Jan 18, 2016
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      4. Warrior1256
        No problem, look forward to seeing you.
        Jan 18, 2016
    16. tldubb
      Brother warrior1256, back on the site hope all is well and thank you for the well wishes!
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      2. Warrior1256
        Great to hear from you brother. Hope all is well with you and yours. I very much enjoy your comments and insight. Hopefully I will be in your area one day before I depart this life and we can meet.
        Sep 4, 2015
    17. cemab4y
      Good to see you again on the board. I was born in Louisville, Parents lived in St. Matthews. Did you obtain a masonic license plate for your vehicle??
      1. Warrior1256
        Not yet, will probably wait until renewal time but am definately going to get one.
        Nov 6, 2014
    18. cemab4y
      Delighted to hear this. Please let me know when you get the KY masonic plate
    19. cemab4y
      I am the man who got the Kentucky legislature to pass the law, authorizing masonic plates in KY. I am a member of Bowling Green Lodge 73, Bowling Green KY. Please let me know if other men in your lodge are getting the plates, or have them already.
    20. Warrior1256
      Have recently joinedd the Masonic Lodge and am currently an EA.
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    Louisville , Ky
    Retired Correctional Officer
    Home Lodge:
    St. Matthews / PRP Lodge 906, Louisville, Ky.
    Grand Lodge:
    Grand Lodge of Kentucky
    Are you a Master Mason?:
    Appendant Organizations:
    • Scottish Rite
    • York Rite
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    My name is Larry R. Herron. I am retired from the W.V Division of Corrections as a Correctional Officer of 29 years. I served with the USMC with an honorable discharge.I am an unarmed self defense instructor and a firearms instructor.


    Past Master, St. Matthews / PRP Lodge 906, Kentucky.
    Suburban Lodge 740, Kentucky
    AASR, Valley of Louisville, Orient of Kentucky
    King Solomon Chapter #5, Royal Arch Masons
    Louisville Council #4, Royal and Select Masters
    Louisville-DeMolay Commandery #12, Knights Templar
    Jefferson Commandery #52, Knights Templar
    North Central York Rite College #116