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    Remember, my brother, it is the internal and not the external qualifications that matter. Your thoughts are conveyed, and even though they may simply look different in print, the meaning is still there and can be understood by those willing to listen.
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    I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I taught myself to spell correctly by reading and writing upside-down for a while. It doesn't work for all dyslexics, but it might help.
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    It's ok Brother. I'm from Louisiana and we read backwards anyways. So it all read fine to me. Just kidding. It's your thoughts I am interested in, not your grammar.
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    My Brother, IT'S ABOUT THE INTERNAL QUALIFICATIONS, NOT THE EXTERNAL...............we as Brothers need to read and listen to WHAT you are saying, not necessarily how you SPELL IT...........you speak from the heart, Brother, so your message is well received by me................

    Bro Vincent C Jones, Sr., Lodge Chaplain, Bayou City Lodge #228
    Prince Hall Affiliation, Free and Accepted Masonry, Houston, Texas
    Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas
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    I am also dyslexic and I have disgraphia which means I have trouble writing and have trouble copying or retaining a number or letter sequence such as phone numbers or spelling words. I feel your pain brother. I've been excluded from normal schooling till I was in high school where I am now graduating with full honors, 6 AP credits, and many scholarships for honors athletic and most of all being disabled learner by no means am I disabled for I have outstanding communication skills which I believe my 4 years of theater and improv have helped. Not to mention I have a 146 IQ Further more I am not here to brag just demonstrate that it is not a disadvantage just a obstacle that also gives the person a different view on physical objects which is proven to be a artistic advantage. I am on the same boat as you are so no need to feel alone it is just a different view not a disability just labeled as such due to it being "out of the norm".

    PS google chrome as a spell check app that spell checks all text in the browser helps tremendously for spelling

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