Episode 148 - Bro. Riley Mic Drops

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    • Bro. Nick (/u/swimbikerunrun) joins us again this week
    • And our special guest for the evening: Bro. David Riley, PM
    • After exchanging pleasantries, Bro. Riley shares his history with the Craft
    • "A Highly Spiritual Initiation Experience"
    • Lodge buildings - and why we need to invest in them or get rid of them
    • The "fraternal bubble" is continuing to pop, but the fraternity is not "dying"
    • Millennials are pressing the Craft to live up to its values faster than we thought
    • Grand Lodges and the centralization of power . . . whose standard is "standardized" ritual?
    • Appendant bodies - is there still a place for them in the future of Freemasonry?
    • Differences in the Northern and Southern Scottish Rite jurisdictions
    • How do we reconcile the existence of the Commandery as an appendant body?
    • Today is the birthday of our all too prematurely late Bro. Ralphie
    • Those precious moments that define what it is to be a Freemason
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