Episode 159 - The Demise of Cracker Jacks

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    • Opening: Long Hard Times to Come (Gangstagrass)
    • Why does Tony get to have all the fun with the most awesome job ever?!
    • What happens when your Lodge turns back in to a pumpkin at midnight?
    • Ass. Producer Marshall physically drags Harlan out of open Lodge
    • G.P.A.C. attempts to ask Harlan if the Lodge can spare $15k - you can imagine the rest
    • Cracker Jacks are the reason that people do heroine
    • Harlan discovers Gangstagrass - it isn't what Bruce thought
    • Wrongs in the Scottish Rite?
    • More De Hoyos fan-boi-ism
    • Today was International Women's Day . . . don't worry, we didn't know either
    • What was William Morgan really planning to expose?
    • Local Arch Diocese re-affirms ban on Freemasonry
    • A manual on how to kill your Lodge, in 10 easy steps!
    • What the hell is going on in Italy, anyways?
    • Closing: Bound to Ride (Gangstagrass)
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