Episode 188 - Peppers and Cheese

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    • Opening: Tell Me Baby (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    • Worshipful Bro. Squared returns with nothing better to do
    • We were out last week crashing Three Distinct Knocks (perhaps literally?)
    • The adventures of our social club's annual shareholder's meeting
    • Bro. Nipples decides to run for City Council
    • Another late, late night at After Lodge
    • Our Master schedules "the [whole] day of Freemasonry"
    • Chili Cook-off smack talk has already started . . . gotta love Facebook
    • Tony manages to break the mathematics of instant runoff voting
    • Why do politicians look like lizards and/or monkeys?!
    • The Odd Fellows wore aprons? Who knew
    • The "Keto" diet, it's a cult
    • Devising the best system for looking after our widows & orphans
    • Remember what you learned in D.A.R.E., "just say no"
    • . . . and the show goes down the toilet
    • Closing: Bottom of The Bottle (Smile Empty Soul)
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