Episode 202 - Wall of Humanity

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    • Opening: Yakety Sax (Boots Randolph)
    • Another set of fairs . . . sleepless, sunburnt and hungover
    • We're changing our name. Welcome to the "After Fair Podcast"
    • "This is Wilson, Tony isn't here . . ."
    • We discuss the fairs, back to back weekends, and the wall of humanity that overran us
    • The guys save the day with fresh toilet paper
    • Tony puts Harlan's cell phone number on a billboard
    • We host an hour-long flag retirement with every Boy Scout in this part of the country
    • Tony wins the watermelon eating contest . . . again
    • John reveals his secret liquor stash
    • Our by-laws committee meets to discuss revisions for the first time in decades
    • It's good to be back after Lodge!
    • Closing: Kiss Me, I'm S--tfaced (Dropkick Murphys)
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