Episode 211 - Call the Question

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    • Opening: We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
    • Calling the question on Episode 211 of the After Lodge Podcast
    • Harlan is broadcasting from an unnamed Dallas Hotel . . . again
    • Fresh out of the 2018 Grand Lodge Communication
    • "The Master's Award of Mediocrity"
    • Mike blew up valuable legislation, but really it's our fault
    • Tuxedos in the day-time - Masons and groomsmen
    • Does your Grand Lodge have a Masonic flea market?
    • I loved Canada before it was cool - Sir John
    • Can your charter be arrested if it can't be physically found?
    • "It's audio, and people can still see you're full of it"
    • "Come on, Worshipful, drop that Thor's hammer!"
    • Closing: Black Betty (Ram Jam)
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