Episode 238: John Comes Back to Town (Part I)

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    • We're crashing El Dorado Studios . . . and John is in town!!!
    • John crashes our annual Master Mason Degree
    • Harlan finally finished the big carpentry project
    • Details from the weekend's chinnigans
    • Bruce takes medical advice from Jason over medical professionals and misses an outing
    • Will this show take months to actually publish? Probably . . .
    • Jason talks Harlan into reconsidering LASIK, with more pessimistic medical advice
    • Are we all hipsters? Lots of beards and thick glasses
    • We take a break to relieve ourselves on the old sound board
    • Bruce dumps the last of our whiskey to clean his phone
    • We start the grand unveiling of After Lodge headquarters - then we don't
    • Taking some time to explore all things Irish
    • An abrupt end to the first half, see you in Episode 239!
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    Special Guest: Ass. Producer Marshall.

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