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Episode 260: Canadian Islanders

  • Bro. Jamie joins us for an evening After Lodge
  • What's it like in Canada? They have internet?!
  • What is a Canadian "islander" anyways? Whatever it is, they love Freemasonry!
  • Since Scotty wasn't here, we talk about prohibition (or the lack thereof)
  • Trying to talk American politics to a Canadian reminds us of how . . . well just 'how'
  • Developing the "third eye", After Lodge style
  • Finally, someone who actually knows something about Oak Island, namely how to get there
  • . . . and duty free marijuana?
  • John recounts the tales of pizza woe with the After Lodge crew
  • Debating gun control with a Canadian reminds us of how . . . just see "politics" earlier
  • Why do we need guns? Because hairless apes can be crazy
  • Learning more about what we still need to learn about Canada
  • Thanks again to Brother Jamie for joining us!
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Special Guests: Charles "/u/k0np" and Jamie the Canadian Islander.

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