Episode 51 - Christmas Flowers

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    • Bruce is away being Santa - so Ass. Producer Marshall fills in
    • The After Lodge Lodge Installation of Officers
    • Harlan wears the famous cufflinks
    • Disrespectful flatulation during closing ritual
    • Amy sends a Christmas gift for the After Lodge Crew
    • A widow prepares Harlan's special dinner
    • Cutters in the Craft
    • Is this a Lodge or the Military?
    • Our Gnome says "nope!"
    • Are there any famous "bad" Masons?
    • Harlan wants to talk about Cuba - the hosts disagree
    • Our lodge's new master is Darth Vader
    • What gifts did we get for our widows?
    • No jokes! Jokes are hazing, this kind of levity is not acceptable in a proper institution!
    • After making the mistake of leaving us unsupervised during the holidays, Bob pops in . . . oh yeah
    • Merry Christmas! From the After Lodge Crew
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